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„Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass & Vocals – reduced to the Maximum!“

When enjoying a concert of “Kugler & Waloschik”, audiences are again and again totally amazed by their abilities of getting the maximim out of the quite spartan instrumentation: fast-paced roller coaster rides on the fingerboard, pushing rhythms with percussion (and this WITHOUT any percussion!) as well as melodic and fine vocals!

The ”Fingerstyle technics” are never emphasized, they are always subordinated to the most important what “Kugler & Waloschik” produce – their songs!

Whether they play instrumental or with German or English texts, whether they perform mostly their own pieces or selected songs by Michael Hedges, Rory Gallagher or Andy McKee…

… “the duo is a band that lives its music!”

„Kugler and Waloschik“ mix original German song with the most cutting-edge techniques of acoustic rock and mix a serious attitude to music with a fun attitude to performance! “  – A quotation of the English master guitarist Jon Gomm.

There is nothing more to add…